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Man Smashes 27 Large Window Panes at Alhambra Courthouse

Tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of window panes were smashed by, what seemed to be a mentally disturbed individual. According to police there were twenty-seven 3-foot-wide by 12-foot-tall window panes that were destroyed in the vandalism. The man told police that he was upset over a pending court case, and also that he was hearing voices. The police received an anonymous call at about three in the afternoon from a witness that saw the man smashing the windows at the courthouse. The officers came from the police station that is located across the street from the courthouse and they said that they could hear the windows breaking as they entered the courthouse. The man complied with officers’ orders to lie down and surrender, according to officials at the scene. Police took the man for psychiatric evaluation and treatment of cuts to his arms suffered while smashing the windows with a trash can and a rock. Police plan on seeking a felony vandalism charge against the man and it is unclear whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the suspect’s behavior.

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