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Alhambra Doctor caught prescribing drugs while on bail

Alhambra doctor, Tom Lin, was arrested by the Alhambra Police department earlier last week for allegedly writing illegal prescriptions for pain killers while on a $450,000 bail for the same charges. Lin is being charged with nine felony counts of prescribing illegal prescription while having a restricted license. He will also be charged with committing a crime while out on bail and his trial will be held later this month so that he could be sentenced. Lin faces up to seven years in jail and is being held on one million dollars bail according to officials. Along with Lin, two of his employees were indicted this past September on 55 felony counts for sale of a controlled substance, illegitimate prescribing and fraud. Officials say that if Lin is found guilty of all counts in the indictment, then he could face up to 34 years in custody. Doctor Lin will most likely lose his license through this whole ordeal and will not be able to practice medicine anymore.

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