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Alhambra CA Courthouse

The Alhambra Court House is located in the beautiful city of Alhambra specifically in the Northeast District at 150 West Commonwealth Ave Alhambra, CA 91801. The courthouse in Alhambra has been serving this beautiful city for many years and will continue to serve its residents as well as the residents of the regions surrounding the city of Alhambra.


Some of the cities that the Alhambra Courthouse also serves include the cities of Monterey Park, El Monte, Los Angeles, and Pasadena. The Alhambra Courthouse has served the residents of all of these cities successfully and has worked with its surrounding courthouses to keep law and order within the cities.


There are a number of administrative offices that are there to direct anyone to anyone in need of help with any cases. This courthouse is used for criminal cases mostly for sentencing and trials if it is necessary.


There are also offices for the District Attorney where they can assist anybody with questions about a case or any other personal needs. The courthouse also offers public defenders for those that cannot afford to hire their own lawyer or does not have one. The Alhambra courthouse offers many services that help make the trial experience much easier for the defendant and their family. Along with all of these services, the courthouse has a health office and Interpreter for those in need of health services.


The courthouse also has its own security that is run by the Alhambra police department in case there is any need for them inside or around the courthouse.  If you or your loved one is arrested in any of the areas mentioned earlier, then their court appearance will be held at this courthouse. You have the option of bailing out the defendant at the courthouse, but you must do it before 3 o’clock because that is the latest that the courthouse can legally accept a bail bond.

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